At Spinnia, sustainability and social responsibility are embedded in our firm’s practices and strategic vision for the future. Therefore, our efforts as a contributor to and an employer in the real estate industry are guided towards this key principle and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

We believe our day-to-day habits have a direct environmental impact and have taken action since the beginning:

  • Seeking to control and to reduce energy consumption, we encourage behaviours that minimize its usage, such as shutting down equipment when not in use and adjusting the air-conditioning temperature efficiently.
  • Paper is a material used in almost all companies that causes serious environmental issues including deforestation. At Spinnia we reduce print-outs to the minimum, promote the use of digital file-sharing systems, and execute our marketing chiefly online.
  • In order to reduce our carbon footprint, Spinnia promotes the use of sustainable means of transportation, including train rides and walking.
  • Similarly, scheduling of business trips is undertaken considering carbon emissions and time, avoiding unnecessary flights and rides.
  • Businesses are large waste generators and we aim to manage it efficiently putting into practice the rule of 3Rs in the following order: reducing the volume of waste produced, reusing that waste and if not able to perform the previous, recycling.
  • Additionally, we select our suppliers prioritizing those with environmental commitment and choosing locally when possible.
  • As to employees, we foster health & safety conducts and measures, diversity & inclusion, personal & career development, and fair rewards & recognition.


UN Sustainable Development Goals backed by our Corporate Social Responsibility policies and practices: