Spinnia supports its clients to develop and, more importantly, implement real estate strategies that maximize the effectiveness of the transaction and optimum utilization of their real estate from a business perspective.


Focused on developing consistent, efficient processes across your assets, we work with you to maximize site selection, occupancy issues and lease negotiations in line with your overall strategic plan, including acquisition, build-outs, disposition, and renewal.

We are constantly evaluating multiple scenarios and transactions that would best align with your corporate and portfolio strategy before securing and negotiating a final transaction. Our team acts on our your behalf to ensure that transactions across your portfolio are executed consistently and are in line with your business objectives. Each project is tailored to meet the client’s specific needs through a consistent process that can effectively manage multiple transactions and deal flows across several geographies.


We enable you to make sound decisions quickly, mitigate your risks, reduce your costs and take advantage of market opportunities

Portfolio Performance

Portfolios can and must be monitored and managed for risk. We offer strategic transaction management services that leverage our brokerage capabilities, consulting services, and project management to offer corporate users portfolio-wide solutions. Our ability to react quickly to new situations gives you a competitive edge.

Lifecycle Tracking

From site/property analysis and acquisition to disposal, you are backed by solid professionals combining a wide range of experience across different industries and disciplines.

When we strategically manage your portfolio, you’ll move quickly on transactions that support your business goals and improve the productivity of your real estate.

By working closely with our clients, we make sure you secure the right scenario for your acquisition/disposal strategy.