Spinnia defines and executes on property-level opportunities. We are real estate managers not only responsible for asset allocation, risk management and transaction supervision, but also for managing the execution of asset strategy.
Through our experience, we optimize the value of projects and properties by way of superior management execution.


Real estate asset management concerns itself with mitigating risks and promoting valuable improvements. It also navigates the complex legal and tax rules governing investment property.

The broad objective of asset management is to maximize property value and investment returns. This means reducing expenditures when possible, finding the most consistent and highest sources of revenue, and mitigating liability and risk, among other things.


We are entrepreneurial. Having created value through finding and managing the opportunity, we enter into promote structures to both share risks and distributable cash flows.

Asset Based Opportunities

Our deep understanding and local expertise in the real estate sector enables us to create and manage growing portfolios which are made of a bunch of individual assets. We add value by executing property-level strategy, including sourcing, underwriting, acquisition, financing, value addition and disposition.

We Manage Complexity

Decisions in real estate come after a complex assessment process and occupy much time. Assisting you in managing real estate assets is one of our core competencies.

We focus on specific regions or property types.

The rationale for organizing in this way is to ensure that market opportunities can be identified and then translated into the correct property selection and asset origination. We are the specialists to uncover and execute property transactions.