A professional platform that helps investors access and manage real estate assets in Spain.

An ever-changing environment has major implications for real estate investment and development. Investors need to make sure they’re fit for the future. Success depends greatly on expertise and innovation, cost management and scale, as well as people that suit your strategic objectives.


Spinnia helps clients make strategic decisions with objective and independent advice. We understand the challenges clients face throughout the real estate lifecycle. Our multi-disciplinary approach brings together experience and global market insights to faciitate clients achieve their potential for real estate assets, portfolios or companies. Our clients include owners, operators, developers, managers, financial institutions/lenders, and corporations.


Spinnia supports its clients to develop and, more importantly, implement real estate strategies that maximize the effectiveness of the transaction and optimum utilization of their real estate from a business perspective.


Spinnia defines and executes on property-level opportunities. We are real estate managers not only responsible for asset allocation, risk management and transaction supervision, but also for managing the execution of asset strategy.
Through our experience, we optimize the value of properties through superior transaction and management execution.


Spinnia’s project support and project management expertise runs throughout the life cycle of any project or programme.

It begins with the mobilisation of the project management team – ensuring goals are clearly articulated and boundaries clearly defined. Delivery is assured via detailed planning, cost control and proactive management of risks and issues.

We understand that clear and unambiguous communication throughout the project creates a much smoother route to success.


Spinnia provides value to clients by ensuring the most efficient use of investor capital, and by keeping clients informed through superior performance measurement, and even cash flow forecasting.
We create and execute property-level strategies for the assets under our charge.